Before submission

To submit a preprint, you must first deposit it on a preprint server, such as bioRxiv or arXiv, to obtain a DOI.

Your preprint must not be published or under consideration for evaluation elsewhere at the time of its submission to PCI Ecology. If your preprint is sent out for review by PCI Ecology, you are not permitted to submit it to a journal until the PCI Ecology evaluation process has been completed. You cannot, therefore, submit your preprint to a journal before its rejection or recommendation by PCI Ecology.

Please note that:

  • it can take up to 20 days before a recommender decides to handle your preprint and therefore to send it out for peer-review.
  • the median time between submission and the recommender's decision based on the first round of peer-review is currently 59 days
  • the evaluation of your preprint might take several rounds of review before the recommender take the final decision to reject or recommend your preprint.

Details about the evaluation & recommendation process can be found here

To submit a preregistration (i.e. the research questions and analysis plan prior to observing the research outcomes), please follow the instructions found here


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