• Ecosystèmes forestiers, Irstea, Nogent-sur-Vernisson, France
  • Behaviour & Ethology, Biodiversity, Botany, Community ecology, Dispersal & Migration, Ecosystem functioning, Experimental ecology, Habitat selection, Herbivory, Terrestrial ecology, Zoology
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As a forest ecologist, my main research interests are in plant-animal interactions, investigating the role wild ungulates play in shaping plant communities and in ecosystem functioning. I am studying their direct (herbivory and predation) and indirect (trophic cascades) trophic interactions, but also their transport (epi- and endozoochory), physical (habitat and soil disturbances) and chemical (nutrient fluxes) engineering effects. My goal is to put together these multiple interactions among wild ungulates and different biotic and abiotic compartments in an integrated approach.

I am a forest engineer (Nancy, 1997), I obtained my MSc. in Evolutionary Biology and Ecology (Montpellier, 1997), I defended my PhD in Forest Sciences (Paris, 2003) and my accreditation to supervise research in Population Biology and Ecology (Orléans, 2016).

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