• Area of Biodiversity and Conservation, Rey Juan Carlos University, Mostoles, Spain
  • Community ecology, Demography, Evolutionary ecology, Life history, Pollination, Population ecology
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Degree in Biology. PhD in Biological Sciences, focused on plant reproductive ecology. Broad interest in plant reproductive ecology, with emphasis in evolutionary ecology: from plant demography to life histories, plant-pollinator interactions and their consequences for evolution of floral morphology, resource economy and cost of reproduction, sexual expression in plants. Use of comparative method to solve evolutionary questions. Interest in community ecology, including description of community structure at several spatial scales and species turnover.

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Validating morphological condition indices and their relationship with reproductive success in great-tailed grackles
Jennifer M. Berens, Corina J. Logan, Melissa Folsom, Luisa Bergeron, Kelsey B. McCune

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Are condition indices positively related to each other and to fitness?: a test with grackles

Reproductive succes, as a surrogate of individual fitness, depends both on extrinsic and intrinsic factors [1]. Among the intrinsic factors, resource level or health are considered important potential drivers of fitness but exceedingly difficult to measure directly. Thus, a host of proxies have been suggested, known as condition indices [2]. The question arises whether all condition indices consistently measure the same "inner state" of individuals and whether all of them similarly correlate to ...


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