• Station d'Ecologie ThĂ©orique et ExpĂ©rimentale, CNRS, Moulis, France
  • Biodiversity, Biological invasions, Community ecology, Competition, Conservation biology, Ecosystem functioning, Evolutionary ecology, Experimental ecology, Host-parasite interactions, Human impact, Macroecology, Meta-analyses, Molecular ecology, Parasitology, Phenotypic plasticity, Spatial ecology, Metacommunities & Metapopulations, Statistical ecology
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I have done a PhD in Biology on competitive interactions between native and exotic fish species. I'm now investigating ecological and evolutionary dynamics in freshwater habitats by focusing on the causes and consequences of intraspecific diversity and on host-parasite interactions. I generally combined various tools including experimental ecology, molecular ecology, meta-analyses, empirical surveys and causal modeling. I'm broadly interested on the processes underlying biodiversity, and how biodiversity is interacting with its environment. Many of my works are related to applied and societal issues such as habitat fragmentation and the management of exploited populations.

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Differential immune gene expression associated with contemporary range expansion of two invasive rodents in Senegal
Nathalie Charbonnel, Maxime Galan, Caroline Tatard, Anne Loiseau, Christophe Diagne, Ambroise Dalecky, Hugues Parrinello, Stephanie Rialle, Dany Severac and Carine Brouat

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Are all the roads leading to Rome?

Identifying the factors which favour the establishment and spread of non-native species in novel environments is one of the keys to predict - and hence prevent or control - biological invasions. This includes biological factors (i.e. factors associated with the invasive species themselves), and one of the prevailing hypotheses is that some species traits may explain their impressive success to establish and spread in novel environments [1]. In animals, most research studies have focused on trait...


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