MURALL Carmen Lia

  • Mivegec, CNRS, Montpellier, France
  • Biological invasions, Coexistence, Colonization, Community ecology, Competition, Eco-immunology & Immunity, Epidemiology, Evolutionary ecology, Food webs, Host-parasite interactions, Interaction networks, Microbial ecology & microbiology, Parasitology, Population ecology, Theoretical ecology
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Honours Bachelor of Science (University of Toronto) in Ecology and Evolution, worked as a field biologist (eco-evo of salmonids). PhD in Integrative Biology and Mathematics (University of Guelph) applied theoretical ecology (e.g. food web theory) to virus and immune system dynamics. Post-doc in ecology and evolution of infectious diseases with emphasis on sexually transmitted diseases and host-associated microbiomes; both within-host and epidemiological approaches (combining clinical, experimental and epidemiological data with mathematical modelling).

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