DETER julie

  • UMR MARBEC, UniversitĂ© de Montpellier, Montpellier, France
  • Biodiversity, Community ecology, Conservation biology, Human impact, Marine ecology
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I was first interested in health ecology, and especially emerging zoonotic diseases (master and PhD theses and then post doc). I applied various tools like spatial and statistical analyses, population genetics, immunogenetics, modelling and controlled infections to multi-scale studies (parasite and host individuals, populations and communities) in transmission ecology. Since 2010, I developp research activities in marine ecology at Andromède océanologie. Since 2012, I share my work time between teaching (especially for the master “ecology and biodiversity” ), research within BioDIcée team and private research at Andromède Océanologie. I am interested in the impact of human activities (anthropogenic pressures) on coastal marine biodiversity through the richest habitats of Mediterranean sea: coralligenous reefs (reefs built by sciaphilic algae and fixed animals between -12 and -120) and Posidonia oceanica seagrass beds (marine meadows constituted by a protected marine plant, between 0 and -40 m). I am a professional diver (classe IIB).

Some of my results and data are vailable on the cartographic platform medtrix ( especially in the projects « RECOR », « TEMPO », « IMPACT », « SURFSTAT », « MER-VEILLE » or on the OSU OREME website ( in the TO « coralligene »

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