• Institut MĂ©diterranĂ©en de BiodiversitĂ© et d'Ecologie, CNRS, Aix-en-Provence, France
  • Biodiversity, Climate change, Conservation biology, Landscape ecology, Spatial ecology, Metacommunities & Metapopulations, Terrestrial ecology
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Which pitfall traps and sampling efforts should be used to evaluate the effects of cropping systems on the taxonomic and functional composition of arthropod communities?
Antoine Gardarin and Muriel Valantin-Morison

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On the importance of experimental design: pitfall traps and arthropod communities

Despite the increasing refinement of statistical methods, a robust experimental design is still one of the most important cornerstones to answer ecological and evolutionary questions. However, there is a strong trade-off between a perfect design and its feasibility. A common mantra is that more data is always better, but how much is enough is complex to answer, specially when we want to capture the spatial and temporal variability of a given process. Gardarin and Valantin-Morison [1] make an eff...