• Integrative ecology, Estaci├│n Biol├│gica de Do├▒ana (EBD-CSIC), Seville, Spain
  • Agroecology, Biodiversity, Biological invasions, Climate change, Coexistence, Community ecology, Ecosystem functioning, Facilitation & Mutualism, Interaction networks, Landscape ecology, Pollination
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I am a researcher at EBD-CSIC (Do├▒ana Biological Station), Seville, funded by a Ram├│n y Cajal Fellowship. I am broadly interested in understanding how global change drivers impact community structure and composition, and how those impacts translate to the ecosystem functioning. I like to work with plant-pollinator communities because they show complex responses to land use change, climate warming or biological invasions, and encapsulate a critical ecosystem function, pollination.

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