• Ecological Interactions and Conservation, IMBIV (CONICET-UNC), C├│rdoba, Argentina
  • Agroecology, Biodiversity, Community ecology, Dispersal & Migration, Evolutionary ecology, Experimental ecology, Facilitation & Mutualism, Food webs, Interaction networks, Landscape ecology, Meta-analyses, Pollination, Preregistrations, Spatial ecology, Metacommunities & Metapopulations, Species distributions, Theoretical ecology
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PhD in Biological Sciences National University of C├│rdoba 2010, Posdoc University of Sao Paulo 2011-2015, Posdoc CEFE 2012-2013

Agroecology, Ecological networks, Metacommunities, Mutualistic and antagonistic interactions, Plant Ecology

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Is behavioral flexibility related to foraging and social behavior in a rapidly expanding species?
Corina Logan, Luisa Bergeron, Carolyn Rowney, Kelsey McCune, Dieter Lukas

Recommended by Julia Astegiano and Esther Sebastián González based on reviews by Pizza Ka Yee Chow and Esther Sebastián González
Understanding geographic range expansions in human-dominated landscapes: does behavioral flexibility modulate flexibility in foraging and social behavior?

Which biological traits modulate species distribution has historically been and still is one of the core questions of the macroecology and biogeography agenda [1, 2]. As most of the Earth surface has been modified by human activities [3] understanding the strategies that allow species to inhabit human-dominated landscapes will be key to explain species geographic distribution in the Anthropocene. In this vein, Logan et al. [4] are working on a long-term and integrative project aimed to investiga...


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