ZURELL Damaris

  • Geography Department, Humboldt-UniversitĂ€t zu Berlin, Berlin, Germany
  • Biodiversity, Biogeography, Climate change, Demography, Dispersal & Migration, Habitat selection, Macroecology, Spatial ecology, Metacommunities & Metapopulations, Species distributions, Theoretical ecology
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2007 Diplom (MSc) in Geoecology, Univ. Potsdam/Germany 2011 PhD on modelling species range dynamics, Univ. Potsdam/Germany, Environmental Modelling Lab 2011-2014 Postdoc on animal movement ecology, Univ. Potsdam/Germany, Plant Ecology and Nature Conservation Lab 2014-2018 Postdoc/staff research on community ecology and macroecology, Swiss Federal Research Inst. WSL/Switzerland, Dynamic Macroecology Group since 2018 Junior research group leader on biodiversity modelling, Humboldt-Univ. Berlin/Germany

I am fascinated by the question why species and individuals are where they are, how they get there and how they manage to sustain. This is central to understanding how they will respond to changes in their abiotic and biotic environment, for example due to climate change. In my team, we tackle research questions across several spatial and temporal scales. For example, we study drivers of broad-scale species distributions, of population dynamics as well as individual fitness, and their interplay with inter- and intraspecific interactions and life-history trade-offs. Modelling is a major part of our work, and we dedicate a lot of time to testing and improving existing methods for biodiversity modelling.

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