• Evolutionary Ecology, Department of Biology, University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky, United States of America
  • Behaviour & Ethology, Biological invasions, Coexistence, Community ecology, Competition, Demography, Dispersal & Migration, Eco-evolutionary dynamics, Evolutionary ecology, Facilitation & Mutualism, Foraging, Freshwater ecology, Human impact, Life history, Pollination, Population ecology, Social structure, Spatial ecology, Metacommunities & Metapopulations, Theoretical ecology
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MS Environmental Science & Engineering, Rice University 1969-1972 PhD Zoology, Michigan State University 1972-1975 Postdoctoral, System Science Engineering, Michigan State University, 1975-1976 Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, and Professor, Biology, University of Kentucky, 1976-present Director, T.H. Morgan School of Biological Sciences, University of Kentucky, 1995-1998 Director, Ecological Research and Education Center Field Station, University of Kentucky, 2013-present

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