• LR-14 ES-06 Bioressources : Biologie IntĂ©grative & Valorisation (BIOLIVAL), Institut SupĂ©rieur de Biotechnologie de Monastir, UniversitĂ© de Monastir, Monastir, Tunisia
  • Biodiversity, Climate change, Community ecology, Ecosystem functioning, Food webs, Freshwater ecology, Marine ecology, Theoretical ecology
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Actually assistant lecturer in the Higher Institute of Biotechnology of Monastir, and a member of the BIOLIVAL Laboratory. Actually working on Algea as efficient Bioressources and their valorisation in different fields.

Last diploma is a Ph.D of Biology obtained in 2009 from both University of Carthage (Tunisia) and University of La Rochelle (France) Worked on (chronological order) - Pelagic food web modeling under anthropogenic impact (different sites, different pollutants) - the role and the impact of Chytrides (Eymycota) on pelagic food webs functionning (ANR DREP) - Ecological modeling of Bryophyta microbial community used as bio-indicater and bio-integrater of different atmospheric pollutants. - Functionning of a lagoon pelagic food web by Inverse method.

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