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Luis Schiesari is BSc in Biology (University of São Paulo, Brazil, 1991), MSc in Zoology (University of São Paulo, Brazil, 1996), PhD in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (University of Michigan, USA, 2004) and Venia Docendi in Ecology (University of São Paulo, Brazil, 2010), with Postdoctoral experience in Ecotoxicology (University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna, Austria, 2004). Currently Luis Schiesari is an Associate Professor of Environmental Management at the University of São Paulo (since 2005) and a Graduate Student Advisor of the Graduate Program in Ecology at the University of São Paulo (since 2006).

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Recommendations to address uncertainties in environmental risk assessment using toxicokinetics-toxicodynamics models
Virgile Baudrot and Sandrine Charles

Recommended by Luis Schiesari based on reviews by Andreas Focks and 2 anonymous reviewers
Addressing uncertainty in Environmental Risk Assessment using mechanistic toxicological models coupled with Bayesian inference

Environmental Risk Assessment (ERA) is a strategic conceptual framework to characterize the nature and magnitude of risks, to humans and biodiversity, of the release of chemical contaminants in the environment. Several measures have been suggested to enhance the science and application of ERA, including the identification and acknowledgment of uncertainties that potentially influence the outcome of risk assessments, and the appropriate consideration of temporal scale and its linkage to assessmen...


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