• Quantitative EcoDynamics Group, University of California, Merced, Merced, United States of America
  • Allometry, Behaviour & Ethology, Chemical ecology, Climate change, Competition, Eco-evolutionary dynamics, Ecological stoichiometry, Evolutionary ecology, Food webs, Foraging, Human impact, Interaction networks, Macroecology, Paleoecology & Paleontology, Population ecology, Spatial ecology, Metacommunities & Metapopulations, Terrestrial ecology
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2016-present: Assistant Professor; School of Natural Sciences, University of California, Merced 2014–17: Omidyar Fellow, Santa Fe Institute Santa Fe, New Mexico 2012–14: Post-Doctoral Fellow, Simon Fraser University Advisor: Jon Moore 2006–12: Ph.D. Dept. Ecology and Evol. Biology University of California, Santa Cruz Thesis- The structure of mammalian food webs: Interpreting, predicting, and updating estimates of species interactions in paleontological and modern communities. Advisor Troika: Paul Koch, Marc Mangel, Jim Estes External Committee Member- Paulo R. Guimaraes Jr. 2000–04: Bachelors of Science, Kent State University

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