• Institute of Ecology and Environmental Sciences of Paris, CNRS, Paris, France
  • Biodiversity, Community ecology, Facilitation & Mutualism, Food webs, Interaction networks, Theoretical ecology
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Stoichiometric constraints modulate the effects of temperature and nutrients on biomass distribution and community stability
Arnaud Sentis, Bart Haegeman, and José M. Montoya

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On the importance of stoichiometric constraints for understanding global change effects on food web dynamics

The constraints associated with the mass balance of chemical elements (i.e. stoichiometric constraints) are critical to our understanding of ecological interactions, as outlined by the ecological stoichiometry theory [1]. Species in ecosystems differ in their elemental composition as well as in their level of elemental homeostasis [2], which can determine the outcome of interactions such as herbivory or decomposition on species coexistence and ecosystem functioning [3, 4].
Despite their impor...


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