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  •, Imperial College Lonon, Ascot, United Kingdom
  • Allometry, Biological invasions, Climate change, Community ecology, Competition, Ecosystem functioning, Food webs, Foraging, Interaction networks, Physiology, Theoretical ecology, Thermal ecology
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PhD, University of Texas at Austin, 2009 Currently Senior Lecturer, Department of Life Sciences, Imperial College London

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Interplay between the paradox of enrichment and nutrient cycling in food webs
Pierre QuĂ©vreux, SĂ©bastien Barot and Élisa ThĂ©bault

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New insights into the role of nutrient cycling in food web dynamics

Understanding the factors that govern the relationship between structure, stability and functioning of food webs has been a central problem in ecology for many decades. Historically, apart from microbial and soil food webs, the role of nutrient cycling has largely been ignored in theoretical and empirical food web studies. A prime example of this is the widespread use of Lotka-Volterra type models in theoretical studies; these models per se are not designed to capture the effect of nutrients bei...


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