• Center for Population Biology and Department of Evolution and Ecology, University of California, Davis, Davis, United States of America
  • Biodiversity, Biogeography, Botany, Chemical ecology, Climate change, Community ecology, Competition, Conservation biology, Dispersal & Migration, Eco-evolutionary dynamics, Ecological successions, Evolutionary ecology, Experimental ecology, Life history, Molecular ecology, Paleoecology & Paleontology, Phenotypic plasticity, Phylogeny & Phylogeography, Population ecology, Species distributions, Taxonomy, Terrestrial ecology, Tropical ecology
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B.A. University of Pennsylvania (Biology) 1966; Ph.D. Cornell University (entomology) 1970; Assistant Professor, City University of New York (1970-71); faculty, University of California, Davis (1971-present)(current title: Distinguished Professor of Evolution and Ecology); field work in Europe, North America, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Chile; languages Spanish (fluent), French and German (reading). Specialty: Lepidopteran ecology and biogeography with special emphasis on montane and oreal and high-latitude faunas.

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