SUWEIS Samir Simon

  • Laboratory of Interdisciplinary Physics (LIPh), Physics and Astronomy Department, University of Padova, Padova, Italy
  • Biodiversity, Eco-evolutionary dynamics, Interaction networks, Macroecology, Theoretical ecology
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Statistical Physicist, with expertise in complex system modelling and ecological networks

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A macro-ecological approach to predators' functional response
Matthieu Barbier, Laurie Wojcik, Michel Loreau

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A meta-analysis to infer generic predator functional response

Species interactions are classically derived from the law of mass action: the probability that, for example, a predation event occurs is proportional to the product of the density of the prey and predator species. In order to describe how predator and prey species populations grow, is then necessary to introduce functional response, describing the intake rate of a consumer as a function of food (e.g. prey) density.
Linear functional responses shapes are typically introduced in the ecologic...


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