• Institute of Entomology, Biology Centre, Czech Academy of Sciences, Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic
  • Biodiversity, Biological control, Climate change, Coexistence, Community ecology, Eco-evolutionary dynamics, Evolutionary ecology, Experimental ecology, Food webs, Host-parasite interactions, Interaction networks, Microbial ecology & microbiology, Molecular ecology, Symbiosis
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PhD, University of South Bohemia, Czech Republic, 2012.
Postdoc, Department of Zoology, University of Oxford, 2013-2016.
Lab Head, Institute of Entomology, Biology Centre, Czech Academy of Sciences, 2016 - current.
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Parasite intensity is driven by temperature in a wild bird
Adèle Mennerat, Anne Charmantier, Sylvie Hurtrez-Boussès, Philippe Perret, Marcel M Lambrechts

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The global change of species interactions

What kinds of studies are most needed to understand the effects of global change on nature? Two deficiencies stand out: lack of long-term studies [1] and lack of data on species interactions [2]. The paper by Mennerat and colleagues [3] is particularly valuable because it addresses both of these shortcomings. The first one is obvious. Our understanding of the impact of climate on biota improves with longer times series of observations. Mennerat et al. [3] analysed an impressive 18-year series fr...


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