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  • UMR 5554 ISEM / Andromède ocĂ©anologie, UniversitĂ© montpellier / Andromède ocĂ©anologie, Montpellier, France
  • Biodiversity, Community ecology, Conservation biology, Human impact, Landscape ecology, Marine ecology, Species distributions
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PhD in ecology (transmission ecology of zoonosis agents / rodents and hantavirus mainly), post doc about emerging diseases (marine bacteria). Since 2010 I am interested in the impact of human activities (anthropogenic pressures) on coastal marine biodiversity through the richest habitats of Mediterranean sea: coralligenous reefs (reefs built by sciaphilic algae and fixed animals between -12 and -120) and Posidonia oceanica seagrass beds (marine meadows constituted by a protected marine plant, between 0 and -40 m). I am a professional diver (classe IIB). Moreover, I develop new methods for the study of marine seabed. see :

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