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  • UMI UMMISCO and UMR MIVEGEC, IRD, Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico
  • Biodiversity, Biological control, Biological invasions, Community ecology, Eco-evolutionary dynamics, Eco-immunology & Immunity, Epidemiology, Evolutionary ecology, Host-parasite interactions, Interaction networks, Meta-analyses, Microbial ecology & microbiology, Phylogeny & Phylogeography, Population ecology, Statistical ecology, Theoretical ecology
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Engineer degree in computing sciences Master in Biomathematics PhD in Evolutionary ecology Habilitation in Medicine and Public Health

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Environmental heterogeneity drives tsetse fly population dynamics and control
Cecilia H, Arnoux S, Picault S, Dicko A, Seck MT, Sall B, Bassene M, Vreysen M, Pagabeleguem S, Bance A, Bouyer J, Ezanno P

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Modeling jointly landscape complexity and environmental heterogeneity to envision new strategies for tsetse flies control

Today, understanding spatio-temporal dynamics of pathogens is pivotal to understand their transmission and controlling them. First, understanding this dynamics can reveal the ecology of their transmission [1]. Indeed, such knowledge, based on data that are quite easy to access, can shed light on transmission modes, which could rely on different animal species that can be spatially distributed in a non-uniform way [2]. This is especially true for pathogens with complex life-cycles, despite that i...


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