• CARRTEL, INRA, Thonon les bains, France
  • Biodiversity, Food webs, Freshwater ecology, Microbial ecology & microbiology, Molecular ecology
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PhD: Biology and Ecology 1999, France. Current position: permanent Researcher at INRA,Thonon, France

Main research interests and domains of expertise : Lacustrine Ecology - Biodiversity – Paleolimnology - Study of the dynamics & diversity of planktonic communities - Effects of local and global forcing factors on microbial diversity & food web structure - Experiences in the coupling between limnological and paleolimnological approaches to serve research questions in ecology - Application of molecular tools in limnology and paleolimnology, in particular to characterize the diversity of lacustrine plankton/micro-organisms and reconstruct pas lacustrine biodiversity from sedimentary DNA.

Scientific publications: ~ 65 articles in peer reviewed journals

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