• Department of Functional and Evolutionary Ecology, Estación Experimental de Zonas Áridas EEZA - CSIC - Almería, Almería, Spain
  • Agroecology, Allometry, Behaviour & Ethology, Biological control, Community ecology, Competition, Ecosystem functioning, Evolutionary ecology, Experimental ecology, Food webs, Foraging, Soil ecology
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I am a PhD in Biology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (1993). My post-doctoral positions were at the University of Kentucky (food webs 1999-2002, and evolutionary quantitative genetics 2002-2003). I currently hold a Tenure Scientist position a the Higher Science Research Council (CSIC) and work on the link between ecology and evolution, trying to understand how ecology affects evolution and vice-versa, particularly how functional traits and their genetic basis affect food web dynamics and how food web structure and dynamics may affect quantitative traits as well as their evolution. We also explore the ecosystem consequences of such link addressing eco-evolutionary dynamics. We use quantitative genetic tools, field and laboratory experiments as well as simulation via next-generation individual-based models recreating food webs across space and time (including micro-evolution). Our study systems are soil food webs and biological pest-control webs. Our lab animals are mostly spiders and mites.

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