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  • Department of Ecology, SLU, Uppsala, Sweden
  • Behaviour & Ethology, Demography, Evolutionary ecology, Life history, Maternal effects, Phenotypic plasticity, Population ecology, Statistical ecology
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Preregistration - The effect of dominance rank on female reproductive success in social mammals
Shivani, Elise Huchard, Dieter Lukas

Recommended by Matthieu Paquet based on reviews by Bonaventura Majolo and 1 anonymous reviewer
Why are dominant females not always showing higher reproductive success? A preregistration of a meta-analysis on social mammals

In social species conflicts among group members typically lead to the formation of dominance hierarchies with dominant individuals outcompeting other groups members and, in some extreme cases, suppressing reproduction of subordinates. It has therefore been typically assumed that dominant individuals have a higher breeding success than subordinates. However, previous work on mammals (mostly primates) revealed high variation, with some populations showing no evidence for a link between female domi...


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Investigating the rare behavior of male parental care in great-tailed grackles
Folsom MA, MacPherson M, Lukas D, McCune KB, Bergeron L, Bond A, Blackwell A, Rowney C, Logan CJ

Recommended by Marie-Jeanne Holveck based on reviews by André C Ferreira and Matthieu Paquet
Studying a rare behavior in a polygamous bird: male parental care in great-tailed grackles

The Great-tailed grackle (Quiscalus mexicanus) is a polygamous bird species that is originating from Central America and rapidly expanding its geographic range toward the North, and in which females were long thought to be the sole nest builders and caretakers of the young. In their pre-registration [1], Folsom and collaborators report repeated occurrences of male parental care and develop hypotheses aiming at better understanding the occurrence and the fitness consequences of this very rarely...