How should you cite a recommended article?

When a preprint is recommended by PCI Ecology, you can cite it as follows, by indicating which version of the preprint has been peer-reviewed and recommended:

  • Virgile Baudrot and Sandrine Charles (2018) Recommendations to address uncertainties in environmental risk assessment using toxicokinetics-toxicodynamics models (2018), bioRxiv, 356469, ver. 3 peer-reviewed by Peer Community in Ecology. doi: 10.1101/356469


How should you cite a recommendation?

Each recommendation (of a preprint or a postprint) by PCI Ecology has a DOI and can therefore be cited as follows (in your CV and manuscripts):

  • Luis Schiesari (2018) Addressing uncertainty in Environmental Risk Assessment using mechanistic toxicological models coupled with Bayesian inference. Peer Community in Ecology, 100007. doi: 10.24072/pci.ecology.100007